How to Turn Your Love of Photography Into a Side Gig

Today’s digital environment has made the perfect platform for art lovers and creatives to earn a quick buck. It is now easier than ever for you to take your masterpieces and showcase them to the world. This is especially true for those who love taking photographs. A simple image these days could get you anywhere from a few cents to several hundred bucks if you’re good at it. If this sounds like something that interests you, below, are a few suggestions on how to get started. 

Decide on a Niche

There are so many ways to make money with photographs. While you could eventually delve into as many aspects as you’d like, it is highly recommended that you start by identifying your niche. Are you looking to sell your images to bloggers who need graphics and photos to further enhance their articles? Is your audience website developers who need to create engaging and inviting websites that entice viewers? Or, are you more interested in providing photography services to couples getting married, families, or other individuals in need of snapshots? 

Invest in Supplies and Equipment

If you’re going to make a decent amount selling photographs you’ll need the right supplies and equipment. After deciding what your niche will be, create a list of things you’ll need to get started. For starters, you’ll need a quality camera. Whether you’re going to use a smartphone, digital camera, or invest in a professional-grade camera, do some research to determine which is best suited for your business and your budget. You may also need other equipment like stands, lenses, and lights/flashes. As you search for supplies and equipment, don’t forget about storage. You’ve invested a lot in your camera and accessories and the last thing you want is to have them get damaged. Whether this means a sturdy cell phone case, women’s backpacks to hold your camera during travel, or specialized cases for your camera and accessories, be sure that you don’t skimp on this essential. 

Develop a Portfolio

Though it would be nice to start getting clients simply based on your word, consumers are interested in doing business with people who can produce quality results. That means you need to be able to show your creativity and level of experience to your target audience. So, before you open for business, start practicing your artform and creating a portfolio that encompasses an array of options for them to view. You can create a physical portfolio to keep on hand which should be a photo book with carefully laid out photographs. A digital portfolio will also be ideal as customers prefer to do online research before doing business. Upload your best photographs to your computer to use in the next step. 

Create a Website

Now that you have an idea of who you want to sell to, you’ve invested in all the necessary supplies and equipment, and you’ve created a portfolio to show off your skills, you’re ready for the last step – creating a website. Your website serves as your virtual business card, and depending on the type of business you’re operating your virtual store. Whether you decide to create the site on your own or hire a developer, the site needs to be well-designed keeping things like ease of use, proper navigation, calls to action, and aesthetics in mind. 

Market Your Business

Once your site is complete and live, you’re ready to begin sharing the news with the world. Marketing will be a key component of making your side business a success. Beyond your website, you’ll want to start advertising on social media, blogs, and other platforms for photographers. The trick is to learn how to market to your target audience in an engaging way that doesn’t sound too salesy. Share some of your photos, like and comment on other photos, provide tips on how to take great pictures, and get to know your target audience on a personal and/or professional level so that you can alter your services to best meet their needs. 

You don’t need much these days to start a side gig and begin making money from home. If you’re good with a camera and love the idea of selling your work to the masses, use the above-mentioned tips to turn your passion into a lucrative opportunity you’ll enjoy.