How to Use Home Decor to Tell Your Family’s Story

Home is where the heart of your family’s lives. No matter who comes and goes through the door, your home gives them an idea of who you are as a family and what you stand for.

That might sound like a lot of pressure, but you shouldn’t be afraid of giving people an impression of who you are with your home. Instead, you should be excited about this possibility.

Use this opportunity to build your family’s story in the home. This allows you to celebrate your loved ones and give anyone who visits the opportunity to enjoy it with you. Here are great ways to add this personal touch to your home.

Step 1: Represent Your Memories

A big part of who your family is today can be represented by the things that you’ve been through together. From family vacations to graduations, every moment together is a moment that has brought you to where you are.

Show off these moments in your home. There are dozens of different ways to do so:

  • Put up picture frames with family vacation photos
  • Hang up memorabilia from trips
  • Showcase diplomas and special awards
  • Create a “through the years” picture frame to show how everyone has grown
  • Display art figurines like Willow Tree that represent key moments like expecting your first child

No matter how you choose to represent the path that your family has traveled to get here, this journey will bring a warmth to your home that you cannot create any other way.

Step 2: Represent Your Style

Another important part of the home is style.

While not every home has to be upscale, you want to take pride in the furniture, decorations, and organization of your home.

Ask yourself some questions:

  • What style best suits your family?
  • What do you need for comfort?
  • What colors does everyone like?
  • How messy do we get? What type of cleaning do we need to do?
  • Do you like to decorate for the seasons?

Giving yourself honest answers to these questions will help you and your family decide what type of decor to use throughout the year. Organizing your style will help you feel more comfortable at home, and it will help guests to get know you!

Step 3: Represent Your Values

The final thing that you want to do in your home is share your values with the people who visit. This might sound completely impossible, but it doesn’t have to be as direct as it seems.

For example, your family might care a lot about tradition and respect. How can you help visitors to your home learn this about your family?

By showcasing traditional and elements that evoke these values!

In this case, you might choose to display a few of the “thankful” and “honoring” figures from the Willow Tree collection. These beautiful hand-painted figures show off different values such as love, family relationships, respect, loyalty, and more. The figurines clearly evoke these values in their poses and emotion or through traditional iconic images like nativity scenes or angels.

By displaying figures or including quotes on artwork or pillows, you’ll be able to share your values in a subtle, yet effective, way.