How you’re supposed to Store Timber

When you buy high-quality timber from a trusted company, you want to look after it and make sure it doesn’t get damaged before use.

When timber is in a warehouse it is stored precisely, so it is not uncommon for people to think that their timber is low quality when they take it home and it warps or damages easily. The only reason that this happens is from the incorrect storage of the timber when it leaves a warehouse.

So how are you supposed to store your timber?

Keep It Indoors

It is best to store your timber inside to help protect it from weather damage that can permanently ruin it. The level of moisture your timber is exposed to can change it. This is because when timber it prepared for you, it is dried to the perfect level.

You want to use a well-ventilated space so that there is a good circulation of air and the water levels can stay down. It’s recommended that you don’t store your timber in a new build because there is a high amount of moisture build up from all the materials etc.

Lay it on a flat surface

If you want your timber to retain its perfect level shape you should store it on a flat surface. Ideally, you should also use a surface that is as solid as possible as well.

A method to ensure the surface if flat is to lay pallet boards down beneath the timber. This helps you to avoid warping in your timber and even offers an extra layer of protection against moisture that could be absorbed from the ground.

Protect it with a waterproof cover

Your cover also needs to protect the timber from direct and indirect sunlight. This means your cover needs to be able to reflect the sun’s rays and heat.

It is really important that you have a waterproof cover because, as we have mentioned already, any moisture that gets to your timber will significantly alter it and has the ability to permanently damage it.