Let speak about the details. How to choose the hinges to internal doors?

Hinges are an inseparable element of the door. It is up to them to a large extent whether using the door will be quiet and trouble-free. The hinges regulate up to three dimensions: the height of the door, the width of the slit and the plane of the wing’s extension. So, it is so important to choose the best one and have the most impressive internal doors.

For some time there has been a fashion for interior doors, whose hinges in the closed position are invisible from the outside. The door manufacturers use it, because functionally, there is no difference between hidden and traditional hinges that are visible from one side of the door, although the former is slightly more expensive. First, the aesthetic considerations are decisive.

Which hinges for me?

People with a conservative approach to interior design and treating various building novelties with some caution will tend to choose doors with traditional, external hinges. In the end it’s logical that the door leaf must have hinges and there is no reason to hide it. Owners of houses or flats who did not have such thoughts decide more on hinged hinges. They assume that since both types of hinges are present on the market, they only have an aesthetic choice, because the manufacturer is responsible for technical issues. Meanwhile, hidden hinges can be mounted only in doors, whose wings are non-rebated, i.e. they have even, not profiled edges.

Technical view

In the opinion of a person who for years has been engaged in the production of doors, retractable hinges could be less durable than ordinary ones. It is possible because their construction is mechanically much more complicated compared to traditional models. But she also admits that in flats or single-family houses, the doors between rooms are not as loaded as in public buildings, so the reliability of the hinges does not have to matter. Especially since for many years in each door leaf three hinges are used, so they are not loaded as much as they used to be, when there were usually only two.

Everything is important

Of course, a lot depends on the size and weight of the interior door, and above all on the quality of the concealed hinges. Therefore, it advises against those who decided on such hinges to buy products from unknown wooden door manufacturer. On the plus side, the ease of changing the position of the door leaf speaks – if it fell, just remove it and put a washer on their stem. There are also models of such hinges, which could adjust the door suspension using special screws.

Perhaps the whole problem of choosing the type of hinges in the internal doors may soon be out of date. In the windows, there were also external hinges, and now there are none. They have been widely replaced by enveloping fittings, locking each window in several places, and allowing the opening of their wings in various ways. So you can expect that soon good door manufacturers or wooden door manufacturer like http://www.pol-skone.co.uk/products/interior-doors will try to change their “conservative hinges”.