A Closer Look at the Mattress Bed

There is nothing as relaxing as sleeping on a comfortable mattress after a hard day’s work. This is why you should always invest in a good and comfortable mattress. A good mattress comes with amazing health benefits including the ability to

  • Relieve back and neck pain
  • Cool down your muscles as you sleep
  • Relieve pressure on your joints
  • Support your body movements and positioning as you sleep
  • Allows for a good sleep to relax your mind, body and soul

With these benefits, you do not purchase any mattress you come across in the market. Today, manufacturers have taken their marketing strategies a notch higher. In this regard, you should not get lost in the features and terms used to describe a mattress. From longevity to comfort features, each aspect of a good mattress plays a significant role to give you the best sleep. Understanding how each feature works goes a long way in ensuring you purchase the best mattress. Find out in the breakdown below.

Types of coils

A mattress is made of different types of coils including

  • the offset
  • hourglass individually pocketed
  • continuous wire and
  • the independent/single wire

It is therefore wise to shop for a mattress that has one type of coil, or the micro coil. This is because it is designed to provide enhanced levels of comfort.

The micro coil is also sturdy and more durable compared to other models. What’s more, it can efficiently support different types of foams including polyurethane and memory foam for added comfort. This is attributed to the advanced micro coil technology that makes it sturdy and durable, thus enhancing the lifespan of your mattress.


The level of firmness that a mattress has determines the quality of sleep you will enjoy. While this can depend on your sleeping position, it is always important to test your mattress to determine what best suits your needs. Avoid mattresses that are too firm because they do not provide the needed relief to strain and pain to your pressure points as you sleep. The hips, joints and shoulders should relax hence; consider a mattress that is not too firm or too soft to enjoy a good rest.

Remember, sleeping on a mattress that is too soft means your body will sink into the surface. As a result, changing sleeping positions becomes a challenge. What’s more, it can easily subject your neck and back to pressure and pain. In this regard, shop for a mattress that is balanced and supports the natural curvature of your spine and back.

Your priorities

Your priorities also play a role in choosing a mattress bed. This is because of motion transfer aspect of the mattress. It can significantly impact your sleep and that of your partner. A foam mattress is one of the best as it does not interrupt the sleep of your partner or spouse. Often, it absorbs motion and this may not be so good for married couples.

A good mattress allows for the best motion by bouncing back to its natural position when you sleep or turn. By considering your needs, it becomes easy to settle for a mattress that allows for the best sleep position and comfortable movements.

Temperature and breathability

Temperature adjustment is a vital component to a relaxed and good night’s sleep. Choose a mattress with the best and safe filling as they carry heat differently. Keep in mind that toppings such as latex and foam can hold in temperatures hence making you to sleep warm. However, the best types of mattresses are those with infused gel as they allow for breathability.

Edge support

Edge support is equally important if you are purchasing a mattress for you and your kids. It is designed to prevent sliding off the bed when sitting down or sleeping. A good type, therefore, has edge support and an additional layer with more coils, firm foam, and thicker wire.


The quality of a mattress bed largely depends on the construction and type of materials used. Always take a closer look at the technology used and components therein to purchase a mattress that will serve you best.