What Do You Need in Your Laundry Room?

Not all homes have a laundry room. In those cases, you have to make do with what you have. Garages, kitchens, and an extra room on the first floor are popular location choices for a make-shift laundry room. Creating a separate place to wash clothes might seem excessive to some. There are alternatives like washing at the kitchen sink or going to a coin Laundromat. However, in the long run, these kinds of setups are inconvenient.

If you have space, create your laundry room. Slowly equip the area with these three items:

Purchase a washing machine (the dryer is optional)

A washing machine can take care of all kinds of washable items from your clothes to your sheets, to your cleaning rags. Select a model with different spin cycles for different fabrics, hot and cold-water wash, and can accommodate large loads. Try to find one that is environmentally friendly, the kind that uses the minimal amount of water and electricity. Ask your friends and family, or read up more online about What to look for When Buying a New Washing Machine, so that you know enough to make a proper decision that suits your needs. Washing at home should be convenient for you on more than one level. You should be able to finish everything at home, and it should be cheaper than frequently going to the coin wash or dry cleaners.

You can also get a dryer, but this is optional because not everyone needs one. In warm climates or homes with ample outdoor space, drying can be done quickly. A dryer is an investment for those in a rush, in tight spaces, or in damp areas.

Pro Tip: You could bring in special laundry room wax melts which could help remove the damp, musty smell from your laundry room! E-stores such as Little Miss Twiggie Twinkles or similar others might help you in finding the perfect fragrance the same.

Install vinyl floors

If you have a room dedicated to laundry, you can use vinyl floors instead of tile. Vinyl floors are an option when you want your flooring to be consistent throughout the entire house, you can find them at www.firmfitfloor.com. They can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Extending it to your laundry room should be no problem. They are very affordable. They can also handle the water splashes when you are hand washing your items and moving wet clothes. They are easy to clean and maintain just like tiles.

Find additional appliances

Your laundry room is not just dedicated to washing and drying your clothes. It is also the space for any clothing prep work and repair. Additional appliances are your iron, ironing board, steamer, hamper, and spray. Purchase a hamper so you can store all your clothes in one dirty pile, instead of multiple cloth bags. This way you don’t have to miss a pair of jeans or lose a sock.

Even though your wardrobe consists mostly of shirts and jeans, do not disregard the possibility of an event bound by a dress code. If you mostly wear suits, being able to iron your clothes is a skill you need to develop. It is cheaper to do it yourself. You can set aside a day when you do all your washing and ironing and prepare your clothes for the rest of the week. And for the days you can’t do laundry on your own, you can hire a service provider to pick and deliver your laundry. Such services (similar to Dirty Boy Laundry) can also iron and fold your clothes, making it easier for your busy week.

You can start your laundry room with your washer first and slowly add items as you go along. Your first attempts might not be as presentable as the dry cleaners, but your skill will improve over time.

Image: Pixabay.com