Make Money from Photography! Turn Your Hobby into an Extra Source of Income

For many photographers, it all started out as a simple hobby. Now that you’ve honed your abilities, it is time to ask “how should I begin making money off of this?”

For the remainder of this article, let’s go through some different methods that a photographer could discover work and make extra money. For those just starting out, this may seem like a far cry from what you can do, but it is much more achievable than you may think!

Sell Your Prints Online

If you’ve practiced enough, there’s a solid chance that you have shot some great photos before. Believe it or not, these are good enough that people will want to purchase them. You may as well try to begin selling these prints.

There can be lots of ways to earn money through selling prints and for the most part, these options can be easy and not cost too much either.

One of the most popular ways is selling your photos online using a seller done by a third party. These sellers will do most of the hard work, process the orders, and print and distribute your photos. In return, the sellers will give you a commission.

There is no reason you shouldn’t go through your greatest photos and upload them onto a website. A popular website to start on is Etsy which is a site with a platform that displays all kinds of products handmade by their users.

It only costs 25 cents per listing, so it’s a fairly cheap method to sell your photos. All that’s needed is to print your photo, post it on the site and finally distribute the print to whoever buys it.

If you’re looking for a more traditional method to sell your photos then it may be a little more difficult. You will need to print them on your own and sell them through restaurants or shops.

Let’s say that you have taken some quality photos around your town. You could go up to a restaurant or cafe and ask if they would like to display your photographs but this can be a tough sell if the place is looking for a more accomplished photographer.

Produce a Photo Book of Your Own

Another way to earn cash through photography that is a bit uncommon is to produce your own photo book. Many kinds of galleries you can find online although photo books can be better than virtual galleries in a lot of ways.

Unlike an album, you have the ability to mess around with photo books any way you desire. You can put in things like text or put frames around the photos to organize your picture collection. It is possible that you can create your photo book after an hour or so of work.

It is also possible to purchase a photo book on the web and change it up to fit your tastes. Photo books are often fairly cheap, typically they only cost around $10 which is much cheaper than getting a whole album.

They can also be perfect gifts for family and friends who can keep a collection of your photos in a single place. This kind of aesthetic makes them great for sharing with your clients. There are some photographers that would rather use these than share a portfolio in a book.

Some say this method will even make you appear more professional.

You can create a photobook using many different methods. You can edit one on your computer which can get lengthy if you have a lot of photos. However, some sites, like Shutterfly, have designers who can produce a photo book for you and get it out fairly quickly.

You should choose a certain theme that your photo book can display. This can make it appear more interesting and appealing and you can produce a specific theme for the whole book or every few pages.

Sell Stock Photos

All kinds of people know about stock photography and it is becoming an increasingly popular way to sell photographs. You typically can sell these photographs online by submitting them to various stock photo sites, which there are no shortages of.

Businesses and companies are always on the search for stock photographs. If your photos fit the criteria they are searching for, these businesses will purchase them. Of course, it is possible to keep selling these photos after other businesses buy them.

If you can create a decently sized portfolio, it is certainly possible to make a living purely off of stock photographs.

Do Freelance Photography

Like many photographers do, you can pursue the freelance photography route. These kinds of photographers take on projects from certain people or organizations whenever they are necessary.

When you freelance, you have the flexibility to pick whatever project you’d like to take. You could take jobs from a newspaper, an event, media company or a commercial shoot.

Freelance photographers will get paid by the project more times than not and as such, freelance photographers need to market their projects. It is necessary to have a good looking portfolio and usually some experience to find new projects.


There are many kinds of ways that you can turn your photography hobby into a job and perhaps even a career. The most important thing to do is continue taking as many quality photos as you can and market your skills.

You can showcase your portfolio online or in a photo book and find success so long as you get out there and allow your work to be as accessible as possible.

Now that you have the knowledge, today can be the day that you begin your journey as a professional photographer!


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