What Are Halo Wedding Rings?

Halo wedding rings are a favorite in the wedding ring style trend. This design features a center stone encircled by smaller pavé stones. It’s through these smaller pavé stones that the ring shines twice as much. The design helps grab the attention of onlookers with its extra shine. What makes it even more special is how easy it is to customize the ring to your liking.

What types of halo wedding rings should you be going for? Are halo wedding rings affordable? What makes halo wedding rings trending?

Deciding on the style of your wedding ring is as important as deciding on the center stone. The halo wedding ring design might be the perfect one for you. Check out which style will suit you below.

Halo Wedding Ring Styles You’d Love

The halo wedding ring concept has been popular even from the early Georgian era found in Europe. It was then through the Art Deco era that the diamond halo setting originated. As of today, the center stone remains as the bigger piece surrounded by smaller stones.

  • Oval Shaped Diamond Halo Rings

This diamond shape exudes a rare silhouette, it also gives a softer and vintage vibe to the ring itself. The shape may look like the regular round diamond, but it carries its charm.

  • Asscher Shaped Diamond Halo Rings

This is a very distinct style for a diamond shape. It has an x shape that has cropped corners. The design emphasizes the clarity and symmetry of the stone. This is a very unique style that you could go for if you don’t like the classic one.

  • Radiant Shaped Diamond Halo Rings

This is another diamond ring shape that is different from usual. The style of the ring combines both the round and emerald diamond shapes. The ring gives attention to the clarity of the diamond. The style is also perfect for flattering fingers.

  • Cushion Shaped Diamond Halo Rings

The cushion shape is a combination of the round and princess cuts. The ring style gives a very romantic vibe that pair well with other vintage jewelry. If you love the vintage and romance style then this design will suit you best.

Why Everybody Adores Halo Wedding Rings

Halo wedding rings continue to be in trend. This style is always the first choice of many brides. It’s because of how classy it looks like and how it can adapt to the many modern jewelry pieces of today. You can personalize halo wedding rings with ease and there are so many choices to pick from. You will never get tired of wearing this ring style.