My 2018 Bullet Journal Pages

As someone who loves all things arts and crafts, I always seem to be asked about my bullet journal. Having kept one for as many years as you can imagine, they have always undergone major transformation as I begin a new one with each new year.

To me personally, bullet journals are creative reflections on who I am as a person, and each one is different because it tells a story of how I have changed each year both in my work and creative mind. Though, I do not like to tell people what to include in theirs, I do have a current list of pages I am looking at incorporating into my 2018 bullet journal – which may be of some use to you if you are looking for ideas to incorporate into your own:

Things I Am Grateful For: Since beginning my website, I have begun to realise how much I have achieved with my life and work in general. Therefore, I need to start each month off with a Grateful For page.

When Inspiration Hits: With so many inspiring books, magazines and websites, and even other people I come across, I always tell myself I will remember their ideas. However, when I return home after a long day – I always forget them! That’s why having an inspiration page in my bullet journal, which I have on hand with me always, will encourage me to write down inspiring conversations or article pieces, as and when I come across them!

Crafts I Want to Try: Though I already get involved in a huge amount of varying crafts, I know there are so many more to discover – and one year I may just get around to doing this – preferably 2018!

Tools to Use Better: I have certain materials that I am good at using, usually knitting tools, but there are still many others I could do with challenging myself to get better at.

My Achievements: Whenever I achieve something, no matter how small, I need to get into the habit of writing it down. That way, whenever I’m having one of those more difficult of days, this page will be the one I read regularly to remind myself of what I can achieve!

Inspirational Tips/Quotes/Phrases: Whether through business, creativity or life in general, we could all benefit from inspiration tips, and I’m aiming to make these as colourful and striking as possible over all my pages!

Potential Holiday Destinations: Well, we can all dream can’t we!