Top Window Trends of 2021

Seven Chic Window Ideas for Your Home

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul and, as many great architects and designers know, windows are-well-the windows to your home’s soul. They’re some of the most expressive features of your home’s façade and can make an immediate impression on visitors and passersby.

2021 happens to be a year with some dramatic but remarkably sophisticated trends that can keep your home looking chic for years to come. There happens to be a wide range of styles opted by homeowners, starting from Plantation Shutters, window shades, and blinds to different kinds of window frames. Social media is getting flooded with new home renovation pictures posted by homeowners. Below are the seven trends of such home designs (as observed on social media) to consider for your home this year:

Black Window Frames

It’s a simple change with a dramatic effect: opting for black window frames. Many new windows can be constructed with black aluminium frames, but you can also easily paint your existing frames to give your home a modern and smart update.

Floor-level Windows

If you are opting for a more significant renovation or are building from scratch, consider choosing one wall in which to include a large picture window that goes all the way down to the floor. This modern design idea will bring more light into your home, help the structure blend in more seamlessly with its natural surroundings and be the envy of every houseguest. You could also consider adding window blinds to such windows that can help you get classic good looks. Custom Blinds can also withstand humidity and sun exposure. Additionally, they can resist fading, yellowing, warping, and bowing, which can make them ideal for living rooms.

Arched Windows

This is a trend that’s been on the rise for the last several years and shows no signs of slowing down in 2021. Arched windows are both a stylish nod to traditional architecture and a marker of modern sophistication. Plus they let in more light, help to give the room a sense of height and proportion and, well, just look darn great.

Corner Windows

Once a common feature of mid-century modern homes, windows that wrap around the corner of a room are back and looking better than ever. They provide tons of light, help to dissolve the boundary between inside and out, and can help give your home the look of a glowing jewel box at night. Nothing screams chic like a glass corner.

Doors Instead of Windows

Replacing a picture window with a patio door has long been a popular way to bring in more light, provide better access to the outdoors, and simply bring a fresh look to a room. Today there are so many door options available that this is one trend that you can tailor to any taste. Traditional French doors can lend your home a classic appeal, while new, high-tech sliding doors can even replace an entire wall (though they will likely work best if you live in a climate that’s warm most of the year). And if you’re worried that keeping them cleaning such big windows might take a toll on you, you could always call in professional services that provide window cleaning in denver or wherever it is you live. These windows are also made of tougher glass, which helps them last a lot longer.


For rooms that can’t usually accommodate large windows or doors, like kitchens, bathrooms and hallways, skylights are the perfect amenity to bring in natural light and make a space feel bigger, brighter and more joyous. Modern skylights are expertly constructed, but consider getting a top-notch local professional to install them to ensure that you never find yourself with a leak.

Energy Efficient Windows

Helping the environment is on the top of almost everyone’s mind in 2021. Opting to upgrade your existing windows to new energy efficient models is one way you can help to reduce your carbon footprint and make the world a greener place (as a bonus, you’ll likely save money on your energy bills over the long term too!). As an example, you can choose casement windows for your home that might enable you to seal the windows and prevent energy loss. In order to find a relevant installation firm, you can search on the web with phrases like “casement windows near me.”

The latest window styles tend to have a lot of benefits. In addition to reducing dust and allergens, they can increase curb appeal, enhance home security, and decrease external noise. Stylish window installations are a trend that’s likely to last, so why wait?