What is the best type of timber for garden furniture?

Manufacturers spend a lot of money trying to develop a product that works both for them and the customer. This is very true for the garden furniture market. Many individuals buy garden furniture as a means of adding extra value to their outdoor space and providing room to relax and have fun. But getting the right timber for garden furniture is very important. In today’s article, we try to answer the question of what the best timber is for your garden furniture and which type to buy.

  1. Teak is great for premium furniture for your garden

When it comes to timber for premium garden furniture, there are few better options than teak. This versatile material comes in a variety of finishes and is good for chairs, benches, tables and a range of other great outdoor furniture. Timber is also a great material to use in outbuildings and garages. Constructing an outbuilding with a business like Scotts of Thrapston or others can be a great choice to elevate the look of your garden or backyard.

Teak is a hardwood which means it stands up well to weathering and is one of the reasons why it is such a popular timber in the UK. The finish of this timber makes very attractive furniture which is one of the reasons why it commands such a premium price.

  1. Iroko is an exotic hardwood for durable garden furniture

Iroko is another exotic hardwood that creates very durable garden furniture. This hardwood timber has a light coloured finish that makes garden furniture that has both a good colour and light feel.

If you invest in Iroko garden furniture you will be getting a product that requires little maintenance and the natural pest resistance means you don’t have to worry about it becoming worn or damaged over time.

  1. European oak is a more affordable furniture option

If you are looking to upgrade the furniture in your garden for relatively inexpensive means, European Oak timber is good as not only does it provide an attractive light finish, it also comes at a pretty low cost.

European Oak is used to make a variety of garden furniture including decking chairs, tables, general decking and umbrella supports. It is worth noting that if you do go with this kind of timber for your furniture, you will have to spend a little more time and money on keeping it clean and maintaining it. Occasional treatment will prevent it from weathering but you should also try to keep it covered when not in use to protect it from the elements.

  1. Other hardwood timber is good for strong garden furniture

The three types of hardwood listed above all make strong garden furniture at different price points, but it is also worth noting that a lot of the different hardwood options on the market will produce good garden furniture that continues to provide value over time. Just make sure you get the furniture from a good source. By doing so, not only would you have the chance to preserve it for a longer duration, but also, if at you decide to opt for Deck Oiling or painting, a good hardwood can make your life simpler.

Buy your garden furniture from a reputable supplier

Leading on from our fourth point, you need to consider the source from which you get the garden furniture from. If you buy from a reputable supplier, not only will you be getting furniture that is well made, you will also have a product that has been made and distributed through an ethical supply chain.