What Should You Bring to London Serviced Accommodations?

When you hear about how fancy and luxurious London serviced accommodations are, you might think that you can show up with nothing and be perfectly comfortable. As long as you have a little money to feed yourself, that’s mostly true. However, there are still items you’ll want to bring to make your life easier.

We’re going to go over those, now.

1: Personal Hygiene Products

Some serviced apartments in London will provide basic personal hygiene items just like a hotel. Think of the travel-sized soaps and shampoos you get in hotel bathrooms. However, there is a major problem with those.

While they won’t damage your skin or anything, they aren’t the items you prefer to use. A serviced apartment is a luxury experience, and you should have everything you love.

Take the time to buy some of your must-have personal hygiene items, such as soap, shampoo, and perfume, and pack those things with your clothes. You’ll appreciate it when you get ready for a big night out on the town and really get to spiff yourself up.

2: Phone Charger

There are plenty of outlets in serviced accommodations in London, but they aren’t very useful if you don’t have a phone charger to plug into them. Don’t forget to bring the charger for your phone. You’ll probably be relying on your phone a lot for navigation, calling services, etc. If it dies, you can feel pretty alone in a big city.

There’s another thing foreigners should consider. If you’re from the United States or another western country, your outlets are different than ours. You will need to order an appropriate phone charger ahead of time to ensure you can use our outlets, or you’ll need to buy one as soon as you get off the plane. If you have other items that need to be plugged in, but you can’t simply buy a new charger for them (such as laptops), consider buying an adapter.

This is something so basic, but most of us are used to just having our phones charged and not worrying about it. Do not forget this item.

3: Spare Cash

You’ll pay for your apartment upfront, and you might even have a decent budget to cover the expenses of your trip but make sure you keep some spare cash tucked away besides that.

Anything can happen. You can lose your wallet or purse, accidentally spend too much, or do any number of other things that leaves you with no money to get back home.

Keep some spare cash tucked in a pocket, in a special item, or in something else to ensure you get yourself out of a bind if you need to.

Bring an Adventurous Spirit

Finally, this isn’t a physical item or even something you’d expect to see on a list like this but bring an adventurous spirit. You’re in London. You’re in one of the world’s finest cities, and there is a ton to explore. Don’t come with the attitude that you’re going to strictly follow an elaborate schedule or rush through a bunch of things. Take your time, get off the beaten path every once in a while, and really experience everything the city has to offer.