The stages of creating custom canvas bags

You see them all around. The custom canvas bag has made a significant comeback on our streets as a blank tote bag and is known as the new rucksack or backpack. Even better, the custom canvas bags of today are eco-friendly because they are made from sustainable materials including cotton or polyester fabric, which are heavy-duty and durable.

This allows for the canvas bag to be biodegradable and decompose at a much faster rate than single plastic bags, which are known to take hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill. Canvas bags can also be reused beyond their primary function, for many different purposes which will increase the lifespan of the

and are often suggested to be a much better alternative to single-use plastic bags. 

As an overview, the stages for creating your custom canvas bag can be broken down into:

  • Choosing the size of the bags through a manufacturer.
  • Deciding on full colour or natural appearance. This can include natural, white, or black canvas.
  • Deciding the quantity of bags needed, or a single order.
  • Decide on personalisation or promotion to make the bag ‘custom’. This can include a phrase, logo, or artwork.
  • How do you want the art to be printed, from DTG (direct to garment) or digital screen transfer.

What’s the most creative step in the process?

Okay, so you are now aware of the general stages of your custom canvas bag, and how it’s a blank canvas. However, it’s clear to say there are steps that are more creative and will make you feel your custom canvas bag is more personalised to you or your business.

There are 3 steps to the personalisation; choosing your bag’s base colour, artwork design, and the handle colour.

For the base colour, as mentioned before you have 3 options. Natural, black or white. This is an important step because you need to think about the logo and artwork you want to have printed on top. For example, if you have a black text logo, it may be beneficial to choose a white or natural base colour, so the logo pops. Similarly, if you have a white text logo, a black base colour may be suitable.

For printing the artwork, you have the option to print on one side, or both sides of the bag. Of course, having a design on both sides of the artwork will increase the likelihood of being noticed in public. This may cost a higher price, however, for you or your business, this may be justifiable.

From here, you can then specifically choose the handle colour. You could stick with the standard handle colour, however, there may be variations in the handle colour that will complement your design. Do keep in mind that this could be just as important as the artwork itself!

To sum things up…

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