Spice Up Your Kitchen with Eco-Friendly Tea Towels

When it comes to creating the perfect kitchen atmosphere, we often think of big appliances, whole new paint jobs, and a bunch of coordinated decorating. However, it’s often the little things that add the most character and charm to a kitchen once you get the general theme set.

One of those “little things” that adds a ton of character is a set of printed tea towels. Tea towels, or just lightweight towels that are good for just about everything from sitting veggies down to dry to wiping down counters are extremely basic, but they have the potential to add a ton of character to your kitchen via prints.

Let’s go over why that is.

1: Custom Prints Allow Infinite Personalization

This is the main draw of tea towels. You can have them printed with practically any design you can imagine. From cutesy depictions of frogs, to classic imagery of hens and kitchen utensils, you can get whatever you wanted printed on your tea towels to add a bit of charm to your kitchen.

At Cotton Bag Co, you get to send in the print design you want when you place your order. So, there’s no need to go to any third-party services to get exactly what you want.

2: Eco-Friendly

Cotton Bag Co’s tea towels are made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton. This is cotton that comes from farms that practice renewable farming practices with minimal environmental impact, and Cotton Bag Co heavily vets all of its sources.

Beyond purchasing tea towels that are made sustainably, you also don’t have to worry about them harming the environment when you throw them away. They’re 100% biodegradable, and they pose no threat to the environment when you throw them away.

This adds an underlying layer of character to your kitchen. It shows that you care about the environment and are doing your part to help it.

3: Perfect for Decorative Placeholders

Tea towels get their name from being used at teatime. As such, they’re perfect for simply using them to set the mood around a dining area and add a sense of “at home” character to the whole theme. If you mix and match designs, or pick something that is whimsical and fun, you can really spice up your teatime by giving each guest a spot marked with their own tea towel.

4: Functionality

Finally, you can’t overlook how functional tea towels are. They aren’t just for looks. They can fill a number of roles in the kitchen.

Tea towels are great as potholders, quick oven mitts, towels to give your counter a quick wipe, hand drying towels, and more. Keeping a couple around your kitchen at all times keeps you fairly prepared to handle just about anything.

Of course, they don’t completely replace the dedicated versions of those items, but they do work extremely well when digging through drawers just isn’t an option.