4 Reasons Serviced Apartments are a Better Choice Than Hotels in London

As one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world, London attracts millions of visitors every year. Affordable hotel stays in the centre of the capital are hard to come by and travellers often settle for staying in less central locations to save money. One new type of accommodation that is becoming popular for tourists is serviced apartments, and there are many reasons why the serviced apartments London has to offer are trumping hotels as the best place to stay in the city. 

Here are four reasons why you should pick a serviced apartment for your next trip to London

  1. You have more say over where you can stay

Finding a spacious hotel room in the centre of London is near impossible. With a serviced apartment you have a wider choice of locations available, and pick of the varying neighbourhoods London has to offer. Fancy living as an East Londoner for the duration of your trip? Choose a serviced apartment in Shoreditch. Feeling something south of the river? Check out the serviced apartments Dulwich has to offer. By deciding on a serviced apartment, you can stay wherever you want in the city. 

  1. Enjoy more space and comfort

One of the biggest advantages of staying in a serviced apartment is the extra space they provide. Unlike hotels where you’re confined to a single room, in a serviced apartment you can enjoy a home away from home experience with a separate living room, kitchen and bedroom. In a city like London, with a population of almost nine million, this space can be hard to come by. With a stay in a serviced apartment, you’re able to stretch out and relax. 

  1. More cost-effective

At first glance, serviced apartments might seem like a more expensive option than hotels, however, they can be more cost-effective in the long run. With more amenities than hotels, you can save on things like eating out and laundry costs by using a fully-equipped kitchen or washing machine. Similarly, with the space on offer, you can stay with friends and split the cost of your trip between yourselves. Additionally, many serviced apartments offer discounts for extended stays, which can make them an affordable option if you’re thinking of staying in London for a few weeks or months. 

  1. Enjoy some hotel perks 

Staying in a serviced apartment doesn’t mean you have to miss out on housekeeping. In a serviced apartment, housekeeping is typically provided on a regular basis, depending on how long you choose to stay. Unlike hotel rooms, where housekeeping may knock on your door without notice, you can enjoy a more flexible approach with a serviced apartment and choose a time that suits you. As a guest in a serviced apartment, you can enjoy the benefits of a clean and comfortable living space without cleaning it yourself. 

Next time you’re planning a trip to London, pick a serviced apartment and enjoy all of the perks it has to offer!