A Few Fun Places That You Can Visit In Bristol Once Lockdown Is Over

If you’re someone who loves getting out and about, the lockdown measures implemented to combat the spread of COVID-19 must be frustrating you immensely. You can go for walks, sure, and to get luxuries, but other casual trips are essentially out of the question. It’s even worse if you live in a grand city like Bristol: like standing outside your favourite pastry shop with your face pressed against the glass, able to see all the fresh croissants but not able to taste them.

You can focus on the cloud, or you can focus on the silver lining, so why not be optimistic? Instead of dwelling on how you can’t visit places at the moment, get excited about all the places you will visit when lockdown measures are finally lifted and life slowly returns to normal. So where in Bristol should you venture at that point? Here are some suggestions:

Rainbow Casino

When the lockdown ends, we’ll all be tired of playing it safe, so why not indulge your appetite for mild danger by hitting one of the various casinos in Bristol and playing some games? Whip out the formal wear you haven’t had occasion to use and head to the Rainbow Casino, the top choice in OnlineCasino’s guide on Bristol-based casinos. Play your cards right and make some profit to spend on drinks, or blow through your budget and walk away appreciating your health.

The Wave

Once we’ve succeeded in flattening the curve, head somewhere that takes measures to bolster curves (just of the aquatic variety). The Wave offers exceptional surfing in an artificial pool, allowing you to work on all those tricks you’ve watched on YouTube without heading to a beach or going anywhere near marine life. Who knows which fish might be secret COVID-19 carriers? I’ve never trusted haddock.

Bristol Tandem Hire

Once we no longer need to be six feet apart, we can rejoice in the newfound freedom to closely cooperate by getting on tandem bikes and getting some exercise around Bristol’s intricate cycle paths. Whether you opt for a romantic ride around gorgeous scenery or a family adventure off the beaten path, you can start to remember what being outside is like (it’s pretty nice).

AirHop Bristol

You might have put some time into doing star jumps in your home while trying to endure the boredom of isolation, but you won’t have got the kind of height you can achieve at AirHop Bristol in Cribbs Causeway. It has an obstacle course, dodgeball games, a foam pit, and even AR trampolines — yes, like those games you play on your phone, except much more lively and played while you’re bouncing around. Give it a shot.

There are so many great places to visit in Bristol, but I think that going for something activity-based will be a great way to celebrate the end of lockdown. Have a think about what you’d like to do when life starts to go back to normal!