Getting Relaxed Before Getting Creative

If you’re an artistic person, you know that your output is always going to be better if you’re relaxed while you’re creating. That’s why so many artists are so picky about their habits and their environment that they do their projects in. And many times, the pickier they are, the better the results are going to be.

So, a few ways to get relaxed before taking on your next project would be to take time out for massage, spend some moments stretching yourself out, set up the sensory aspect of your environment, and then meditate and breathe before you get started.

Take Time For a Massage

Tight muscles aren’t good for anyone, especially an artist! If you take time out for massage, you’ll loosen up from all of the tension that you might be under and give yourself a clean slate for a new beginning. Particularly for artists who use their hands, arms, and shoulders a lot, really focusing on those areas before you pick up your pencil or brush can make a world of difference. Massages can either be from another person or perhaps a piece of equipment that you purchase.

Stretch Yourself Out

Moving through a stretching routine is another good habit before starting on a new project. You can completely personalize it so that you move from your high-priority areas to your lower ones, taking care not to overdo any of your stretches either. Depending on what your creative project is, there are a million different ways to approach the idea of stretching out, but the more routine you make it, the better it’s going to feel, and the more familiar you will become with your starting point. Never stretch to the point of pain, but always make sure maintain your range of motion.

Meditate and Breathe

One of the best ways to get relaxed before beginning a new arts and crafts project is to meditate and breathe. It’s so simple just to close your eyes and take a deep breath and let it out slowly, but it is amazingly one of the most efficient ways to get in your zone. A few deep breaths over a few minutes and you should be able to take on whatever new thing that you thought up with a renewed sense of vigor. Some people also take advantage of recreational products such as cannabis to help them stay relaxed before work begins. If you are planning on using weed, learn more about the product to make sure you’re getting what you expect.

Set Up Your Environment

For artists, a solid sensory environment is always a good idea. One often overlooked aspect of a creative space is what it smells like. If you have your favorite smells moving through the air, they can put you in a brain space that will flow that much more intuitively with what you’re thinking and with what you’re trying to accomplish. Having a peppermint scent is one example that many artists use.