Gratify Your Senses by Creating a Stylish Bathroom

The first thing you often notice about a bathroom is how it looks (closely followed by how it smells – the bathroom can be a haven for unpleasantness, from damp bath towels to toilet smells that we would rather flush away than discuss, if it’s all the same to you). Along with sight and smell we have three other senses – touch, taste and hearing, all capable of absorbing the environment that surrounds us. We have a sensory buffet going on and we really want it to be full of the most pleasant dishes available. Besides the aesthetics of the room, you also have to consider its function. Plumbing is a key area that, surprisingly, many homeowners neglect. No matter how nice your bathroom looks, a leak, a clogged toilet, or a sewer leak can bring the whole thing crashing down. It’s best to have the contact details of professionals close by should you have need of their services.


The colour you choose for your bathroom can play a part in how the room makes you feel. Yellow is often linked to optimism and a cheerful outlook, red signifies passion and energy, blue has a peaceful air and green signifies growth. The colour white conjures up images of cleanliness and purity, while black is linked to mystery and intrigue. Once you have chosen a base colour you can add plain or patterned accessories to complement it. Make sure everything matches though. For example, if you’ve bought a grey shower base, make sure the rest of the bathroom decor matches this color. Monochrome works well, you could go for a black and white tiled floor and white walls and then add black, personalised bath towels to complete the look.


We have briefly touched on unpleasant bathroom smells, so let’s focus more on ensuring the air is fresh and fragrant when you enter the room. There are some innovative air fresheners on the market and exquisitely scented candles that can set the tone if you are seeking a little “me-time.” A great way to keep your bathroom fresh is to air it regularly – open the windows and don’t leave damp bath towels festering over the bath.


Add to your sensory experience by investing in luxurious personalised bath towels, that will feel super soft against your skin. The addition of a soft bathmat between your toes will feel lush after stepping from the bath or shower.


If you are looking to escape to a restful bath you ideally want peace and quiet, or the background strains of relaxing music. Take in the therapeutic sound of running water as you fill a bubbly bath for a good soak.


I’m not sure if we can attribute a taste to a bathroom (minty toothpaste doesn’t seem to suffice in the relaxed ambience we are trying to create here).

Inject style

Style can be injected in numerous ways, from a comprehensive overhaul, new fixtures and fittings etc. or by subtle changes that offer an economical way of adding a bit of panache. Either way the result should be a room you enjoy spending time and ideally should offer a mix of practical and aesthetic qualities.