How To Make Less Mess When Crafting With Kids

Doing arts and crafts activities with your older children is one of the things that parents look forward to most when their kids are only babies. They are excited for the day that they can do something together as a team and enjoy the creative expression that can be shared when crafting with your family.

It is no secret, however, that kids can be much more prone to accidents and messes. This can be an extra challenge when doing arts and crafts at home and having to face the aftermath. Some parents hate dealing with the mess so much that they avoid crafting altogether even though they would love to it more often. Don’t rob yourself or your kids of these fun moments, however. Crafting doesn’t have to be a huge mess for everyone. Here are some of the best tips for reducing accidents and messes during your artistic bonding.

Avoid Carpeted Areas

One of the most common accidents that happen during arts and crafts is damage to the carpet. Hard floors are easy to wipe and don’t leave stains if something spills or is dropped. However, carpet is something that is much more easy to damage. It is important to take care of your carpet since they are expensive and hard to repair once stained. However, professionals who provide the fastest drying carpet cleaning in Myrtle (or wherever you are located) will likely be able to get rid of stains quickly. As well, when children are doing art and craft projects on the carpet, it may be necessary to pay attention to them. In addition, there are some methods that may help you prevent your carpets from becoming stained.

The best way to avoid damaging your carpet is to avoid the area altogether. If you have a room which does not have carpet try using this room instead. If it is warm weather consider going outside to do your project together. Or if it is a project which can be accomplished on a table surface, just make sure that you cover the surrounding carpeted area underneath with plastic or newspapers.

Use Washable Paint

Many paint products come in washable children’s versions. Make sure that you read the label and verify that it is washable. This way you can rest assured that if it gets onto your clothing or surfaces that it will come off with warm water and soap.

Cover Surfaces

Make sure that you use a plastic table cloth when painting on tables so that you can completely eliminate the stress of worrying about your nice table getting stained or water damaged.

This also means covering your kids as well. You can buy smock which they can put over their clothes which can be stained without stress since its purpose is for arts and crafts.

Involve Them In Clean Up

If kids know that they are going to have to be a part of the cleanup process, then they are usually less inclined to create more work for themselves.

By involving them in the cleanup process they appreciate and understand the amount of work that goes into cleaning big messes.