Some of the most amazing world records around bags

Getting a world record is a fantastic achievement regardless of whether you are a small business or someone looking to prove a point. Getting recognition from the world-famous Guinness Records adds further kudos. This is one of the reasons why many firms are trying to create their own world records related to their products. Here are some of the best world records that centre around record-breaking bags.

World’s largest bean bag

We all want a nice place to chill out, and many find that a bean bag can be a great way to relax in a state between sitting upright and lying down. However, a group over in Michigan USA found that regular sized bean bags simply were not cutting it. This is why they embarked on an ambitious world record to create the world’s largest bean bag, which measured an impressive 147.9 square meters. The world record bean bag weighed a hefty 4 tones and was entered as part of an art competition. Suffice to say plenty of relaxation could be achieved on this bag.

The largest Jute bag in the world

Jute is a material that has become very popular recently due to its natural biodegradability and high-quality fibre count. However, one manufacturer took the material to dizzying new heights (quite literally) when they hoisted the world’s largest jute bag up with the help of an industrial crane. The huge jute bag had enough capacity to store 9 double-decker buses and was made entirely of sustainable jute. After the bag had had its moment, it was broken down into wholesale jute which could be used to create some, more practical, environmentally sustainable bags.

The longest chain of plastic bags ever achieved

Plastic bags get a bad rap, and rightfully so as they are one of the worst polluters for the environment in terms of waste and greenhouse emissions. However, they were put to a more impressive use in South Africa where they were used to create the longest chain ever made of plastic bags. The chain measured 9.56 miles long and comprised of 40,174 plastic bags. If nothing else, it illustrates the potential that plastic bags have to cause damage to the environment.

How the world records help businesses and customers get the products they want

Getting customers is essential for any business and publicity is one of the key ways that you can do it. Getting a world record that engages the public, such as one that focuses on environmental sustainability, is a sure-fire way to get people excited about your brand and in your doors.