The Art Of Finger Painting

Most people believe finger painting is a form of free creativity, and it is mainly invented for children as emotionally soothing. Finger painting also develops fine motor skills, and this is another reason to consider it children-appropriate only. However, real finger painting artists recommend to actually stimulate the children and adults to learn drawing and painting, instead of mindlessly leaving spots of paint everywhere on the canvas. Finger painting is an art and should be handled as art.

If you do not want to learn any fine skills of drawing and painting, you can entertain yourself on this page and leave arts for better times. However, if you are interested in finger painting yourself, or want to teach your child, discover the top tips from professional artists.

The first tip to successful and beautiful finger painting is taking a pencil and drawing. Little surprise, because, unless you want to create only abstract spots of color, you will still have to draft some shapes and objects. The pencil will help you learn to control and fine movements of fingers. It will also help to learn planning of the space on the canvas, and avoiding creative block when you are stuck in the middle and have no idea what to add next.

The second tip for beginners is to begin with several shades of the same color. Professionals recommend starting with blue – even if it is totally shapeless and messy, it will still be beautiful watery design. This trick works with other colors as well. Later, you will be able to experiment with other colors and mixing different palettes.

The third good idea is to start by copying somebody else’s pictures. Of course, everybody wants to be original and create unique stuff. However, when one is only learning, beautiful paintings will inspire, and also provide a perfect material to learn from, or, in other ways, to copy. So, find the piece you like and try to mimic it.

The fourth recommendation is not to mistake lazy for unique. Yes, some primitive paintings can be unique, great, and one of a kind, but in most cases, especially when the person only learns to paint, there must be progress of some kind, a desire to learn and master techniques. If one will claim their newbie works are masterpieces because they are shapeless and sloppy and look next to nothing, this is a dead-end road.×48-inch.jpg?width=520&height=390&fit=crop

The fifth tip is being honest with yourself and takes reasonable critique in a healthy manner. It is better to find out what you can improve, and get an honest opinion from a viewer than to get false praise from an indifferent person calling any nonsense “cool” or “modern”.

Alternatively, if you want to make it as a gift for someone, canvas art prints might also be an option. You can look through the selection of canvas art prints on various websites that sell canvas art and see if there is a canvas suitable for the environment you are looking for or if you want to upload your artwork or a striking Banksy Print.

Of course, these recommendations will definitely work for other painting styles or even for gifting ideas. However, the art of finger painting also deserves being treated properly, and if you would like to master it, out some time and effort into this activity.