Update Your Living Room for Less

I know exactly what it’s like – you picked a colour scheme for your living room, some years ago now. Yet, as you finally sit back with a coffee and book after a tough few months, you look at your room and it’s almost as if you’re seeing it for the first time.

You notice the room has seen better days – the soft furnishings seem worn and you still haven’t got around to putting up your family’s previous holiday photographs!

With such fast-paced lives outside of the home, it is important to make the home itself your sanctuary – particularly your living room. This is your place where you can truly be yourself and hide away from the world. But, it can also be that much needed place where you find your inspiration streak, and feel reinvigorated and refreshed to tackle what is on the other side of that front door. But how do you do this when time and indeed money is tight?

Make Your Living Room Your Sanctuary

Chairs – Usually the largest of furniture items in this room, they tend to take most of the brunt of the traffic. Look at your sofa – has it seen better days? Use a throw or two over it, or even a few blankets. Better still, accentuate the rooms colour with these, perhaps adding a few cushions to lend a more striking design.

Rugs – With many of us having laminate flooring, some don’t see the need for rugs, but they can add a necessary and attractive focal point to the room. Once again, can you accentuate it with the décor?

Candles -These small but wonderful items can bring warmth to any living room with an abundance of colours, patterns and designs, making them a perfect choice for any centrepiece – which double up for stunning ambience at night times!

Photo Frames – Be creative when showing off your treasured family memories. Use a variety of different shapes and colours and types of frames and scatter them around the room on different surfaces for maximum effect.

Wicker Baskets – Available in a huge range of sizes, shapes and designs, these are timeless key pieces that fit almost any room design. Whether for decoration, or even to store items you would prefer to keep out of sight, these classical items never go out of date and complement almost any colour scheme.

Shelf Storage Boxes – Ikea are the king of these box ideas and many of their products double up as storage and indeed decorative pieces for your living room! Perfect at minimising clutter they too can also co-ordinate with your living rooms colour scheme.

Lamps and Fairy Lights – Both instantly add for a softer and warmer light and can bring so much appeal to just one room alone.