What Reasons Might You Have for Ordering Rough Sawn Timber?

Most of the time, timber is supplied after having been sawn, dried, and treated. This produces a stable material that is relatively easy to work, making it an ideal option for most people. However, people who are more adventurous and experienced might want to experiment with rough sawn timber. As the name suggests, rough sawn timber has not been dried or treated. It requires a little more skill and patience, but here are just a few reasons why you might consider ordering some.

You Want a Rustic Appearance

The milled timber that you see in your local supplier’s warehouse or store probably doesn’t look quite as rustic as you might expect. If the structure or item you’re building requires a more authentic touch, rough sawn timber is a great material with which to work.

You Want to Lower Your Environmental Footprint

Rough sawn timber doesn’t require time in the kiln or treating with any chemicals or other agents, which makes it a very environmentally-friendly choice. Better yet, rough sawn is usually available from local producers, so you won’t be racking up emissions through transportation and processing.

You Want to Support Local Producers

The fact that rough sawn timber is often sourced from local producers carries another benefit: buying it means you’ll be helping to support local businesses. Instead of having treated timber imported from another country, you can get timber that may have been grown a stone’s throw away from your current location.

You Want a Wider Selection

As stated above, rough sawn timber is often taken from local producers. However, it doesn’t have to be. Some of the more exotic woods are only available as rough sawn. If you want those cool grain structures and unexpected colour palettes, shopping rough sawn might just be the way to go.

You Want Full Control

Ultimately, working with rough sawn timber is a dream for people dedicated to the craft. If you enjoy taking control of a project from start to finish, you’ll love having to plane and dry the timber yourself.