Why Knitting Is Making its Way Back into The Classroom

Many kids nowadays do not know how to knit, they have never learned it, and in a likelihood, nor have their mothers or fathers. Through the last few decades, knitting was banished from the classroom, home economics teachers had to focus on other areas of housekeeping and lovely handknits became a thing of the past. Indications are, however, that knitting is making a comeback in schools all over the world. That, combined with the emergence of countless knitting clubs just comes to prove, that people all over the world have finally come to their senses and recognized the beauty and value inherent in the art of knitting.

UK Trends – Why Some Schools Have Reintroduce Knitting Classes

The introduction of a new curriculum in the late 1980s saw knitting vanish from British classrooms, but in some UK schools, knitting has made a comeback. Benefits are thought to be considerable, much improved behavior, better social interaction and more communication among kids are said to be top of the list. Principles and classroom teachers have been delighted to witness the positive impact the reintroduction of knitting has made and have vowed to make knitting once again a regularly taught subject.

Nowadays, when kids are often glued to a variety of devices and spend a lot time gaming rather than playing or being creative, teaching them a skill like knitting is like bringing them back to traditional childhood activities, awakening their sense of creativity and giving them the opportunity to learn a useful, practical skill.

Teachers have seen the following changes in kids after the reintroduction of knitting classes:

  • Increased communication between kids during knitting classes
  • Reduced focus on technology devices
  • Strong sense of achievement following the mastering of the knitting skills
  • Increased enthusiasm and interest in arts and crafts
  • Improved classroom behavior

All of the schools involved, vowed to continue knitting classes and make it an integral part of the weekly timetable.

Knitting Clubs and Why Knitting is so Good For You

Thousands of women, young and old have been setting up knitting clubs at private houses, community centres and cafes, gathering often on a weekly basis to chat and knit. The popularity of these knitting clubs is on the up, women love meeting, talking, exchanging patterns and knitting beautiful wears and if you are wondering, just what is so great about knitting, have a look at this list of benefits, gained from knitting:

  • Constructive Distracting Activity: Knitting is said to be great for those who may not otherwise have a stimulating job to do, distract from addictions like smoking and excessive eating and the sense of achievement inherent in knitting is further thought to be a motivating force for other activities. In other words, people who knit create something beautiful and subsequently feel able to engage in other activities.
  • Calming and Relaxing: The rhythmic motion is said to have a calming effect, keep knitters in a mindful state and induce relaxation which may lower blood pressure, regulate your heartbeat and reduce stress and tension.
  • Knitting Makes You Happy: According to British Journal of Occupational Therapy finding, the vast majority of people felt more content and happy after knitting.
  • Meditation and Mindfulness: Countless people are taking mindfulness classes to learn to “stay in the moment” rather than worry needlessly and neuroscientists have discovered that crafting activities such as knitting have similar benefits to meditation and mindfulness.

All of these major benefits will surely have you run to your local knitting shop or indeed enroll in one of my many online knitting classes!