How To Get An Instant Confidence Boost

Girls (and guys) pay attention!

Admit it, we all like to look good and we all love to receive compliments. Whether it’s about your talents as an artist or that new dress you brought, such simple things can really boost your confidence and make your day feel so much brighter. Although it is great when these things happen, gaining your confidence in this way means you are relying on other people and this is not the most reliable way of being super happy with yourself. Instead, why not make your own confidence and rock that amazing-ness everyday!

You rock

You are already pretty awesome anyway, but there is no harm in finding certain things about yourself that you absolutely love and fine tuning them to make yourself sparkle even more. Everyone is different and having your own key to self confidence can really make you shine, even on a cloudy day.

Things to help you sparkle

Well of course you know what will work best for you – to make your day even better. But here are a few tips gathered from across the web to give you inspiration on how to boost that self confidence even more!


Make up is not a necessary ingredient in being beautiful. We are definitely not suggesting that you start wearing makeup to make yourself feel better. However, if you are already looking for a new addition to your makeup bag then many fantastic people, from models to academics to politicians, recommend using a facial highlighter. This tiny dab of sparkly goodness applied to your eyes, nose or mouth can really add an extra ray of sunshine to your day – and it is super fun too!

White and sparkly teeth

There is really nothing more attractive than having a big smile on your face. Everyone looks 100% more amazing when they are smiling and happy. Why not add an extra boost to your grin by securing yourself some super shiny pearly whites? Smiletec360 teeth whitening is a simple way to add an extra ray of sunshine to your day and is fantastically easy too!


Being creative allows our inner child to come out to play and leaves us feeling special for the rest of the day. When knitting, why not try an extra hard pattern? Or why not take on a completely new hobby for the day? Crossstitch, crochet or even weaving can allow your creative side extra space to explore. And when you are finished, why not share your creation online with your friends to spread the joy of making something all by yourself. Take pride in your talents!


Unless you particularly don’t like children or animals, then playing with kids is a wonderful way of getting your confidence up. Kids look up to adults and will want to hold your hand and give you cuddles. This will definitely make you smile! Equally, playing with a super furry pet pal will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside!

Any other tips to share to boost your confidence? Get in touch and share the love!