Unique Ideas For Wedding Gifts And Favours

Celebrating a wedding

Weddings are the perfect excuse to celebrate, whether you are close to the happy couple or only a distant relative, you will want to send them into married life with a big smile on their faces.

With all of the stress that goes into planning a big day, such as finding The Dress, The Venue and even selecting Wedding Photography, you should feel special to be invited along to enjoy the day with the bride and groom. It is likely that they really had to narrow down their choices in terms of the guest list and even if you are only invited to the reception, you should be happy to be chosen!

So since you are attending this fantastic big day, it is only right to give them a wonderful gift to congratulate them and thank them for a wonderful time.

Selecting a present

Most couples these days opt for creating a shopping list or wish list ahead of the big day. The idea behind this is that they select items that they would really like or really need to start their life long adventure together. It helps family and friends to select something that they really need and avoids getting duplicates or even unwanted gifts. Whilst this is a fantastic way of sorting out wedding gifts, many feel that it lacks imagination and creativity. Many wedding guests often choose to ignore the wish list items altogether and go for something that they think is just a little bit more special and unique like Customized Diamond Painting, no-one likes a boring gift.

Thinking outside of the box

If you would like to contribute a more unique gift to a friend or family member’s wedding then look no further! Here is a short list of ideas to consider.

Paying for wedding services

It seems like a strange thing to offer to do, but it is something the happy couple might actually appreciate. Weddings are not cheap and any help to contribute towards items for the big day might be welcome. For example, can you offer some of your specialist skills? Are you a baker and make fantastic cakes? Are you a jewelry designer who can offer a precious gemstone? Or do you want to offer a cheque inside a custom wallet? They can cash the money whenever required and the wallet can be an additional gift! Such items make for unique and unusual gifts!

Contributing to the honeymoon

Again, the cost of weddings can be through the roof. Why not offer to pay for something amazing for the couple to do during the honeymoon. Material possessions are great, but by buying an experience or special day you help to create memories that will never be forgotten.

Donating to charity

Many couples may actually ask for you to not give any gifts at all. Whilst this may seem strange at first, it is important you respect their wishes. Instead, why not donate to their favourite charity in their name as a small gesture. Not only that but it will help out a worthy cause too.

Wedding favours

These are a great keepsake and something you can offer to help out with as a gift to the couple. Wedding favours often take a lot of time and assembly to put together, so by offering the gift of your time you may be able to relieve some of the stress from the bride and groom.

We want to hear from you!

Do you have any other brilliant ideas of items that can be offered as unusual and unique wedding gifts? Is there a gift that you received yourself that you absolutely loved? Get in touch and let us know!