Why Women Play Bingo and Men Go to the Bookies

Who won Grand National Day?

Who won Grand National Day?Who won Grand National Day? Gender stereotypes sometimes simply reflect reality. Take your average bingo hall, for instance. Will you find many men in there? Not many. By the same token, will you meet women having a chat inside your local bookmaker’s? Highly unlikely.

Unsurprisingly, 80% of bingo players are female and hardly any women ever enter a bookmaker’s. When you visualise a bookmaker’s, images of men, smoking cigarettes and having bad coffee over newspaper race cards, spring to mind. However, if someone wants to become a bookie, these images may not be true in today’s age as things have become a bit more digital. Equally, feverishly chatting, and card-marking grannies are what we expect when we think of bingo halls. Stereotypical, but true.

Bingo – Social Gambling and Perfect for Women

The social side of bingo is powerful. Little old ladies have somewhere to go on a weeknight, meet their friends and get out of the house. The stakes are small, no harm done, and by the end of the evening everyone is satisfied that a good night was had by all. There is no need to study forms or check out competitor performances, when you go to bingo, you just turn up and play, hoping that lady luck will be on your side. If not, at least you will have had a good laugh. Some love it so much they’ll even go online and play a few games. There are websites such as Stumble Forward that can help with a few tips and tricks, however, they may be applicable to just regular betting, but that doesn’t mean the Bingo ladies can’t branch out.

Sports Betting – Combining two Loves and Perfect for Men

Whether you are talking horse racing, betting on football with sports betting iowa websites like bettingamerica.com, golf, or rugby, there is a bit of study involved and men just love the whole process. Many have constructed their very own personal betting systems and all of them are quite systematic about the process. They are interested in the results, the sports drama surrounding their bet, and combining the passion for sports and betting into one. Perfect. They will take losses on the chin and try to study a little harder the next time. When they win, they share in the glory of the sport’s protagonist who got them there.

The Grand National and Cheltenham Gold Cup – Perfect for Both

There are always exceptions to the rules and the Grand National and Cheltenham Gold Cup are the two annual horse races that attract bets from both genders. Why? I guess, it’s just tradition. Everyone has a flutter, watches the races with excitement and hopes that their horse will win. For women, the most prominent horse racing festivals have also become fashion events and lady’s day at each festival attracts thousands of women each year. They all dress up as if they were attending a royal wedding, one looking more beautiful than the other. Designer names will be bandied about, styles discussed and heels broken. Will they remember who won Grand National Day? Probably not! While men who won a few pounds will boast about their no-fail-betting system, women will discuss who wore what label, when.

Stereotypes? Definitely! True? Most certainly!

Online Bingo and Online Betting Break the Mold

Having said all that, indications are, that online, things are different with men eagerly participating in bingo and lots of young women getting involved in sports betting. It’s probably the anonymity that has people sneak in and rock the stereotypes boat.