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5 things about Crete you should know before visiting

Greece’s largest and most popular island of Crete is a destination you’d likely want to visit during summer so that you can get lost in all which it has to offer, unhindered and in absolute comfort. Consisting of four prefectures, the following five “must-knows” ...Read More

How to print effectively on jute bags

Jute is a versatile material that we have used in our products for as it is environmentally sustainable and makes great reusable bags. A challenge we have had to meet is finding a way to get a high-quality print on jute bags. Here is ...Read More

6 Things Nobody Told You About Jute Bags.

Jute is a material that has been used for decades as an environmentally friendly material for tote and other forms of reusable bags. Whilst they may seem slightly dull there are a number of interesting facts that many people have never been told. Keep ...Read More

Adding Your Personal Touch to Commercial Gifts

The lyrics to Luther Vandross’s ‘Every Year Every Christmas’ come to mind as I expand on the thoughts I originally had around this particular post, but only because the song itself symbolises one of so many connotations associated with mainstream special occasions. I mean ...Read More

My 2018 Bullet Journal Pages

As someone who loves all things arts and crafts, I always seem to be asked about my bullet journal. Having kept one for as many years as you can imagine, they have always undergone major transformation as I begin a new one with each ...Read More

Getting Started with Cross Stitching

Having cross stitched since I was a teenager, I find this craft one of the easier choices to get along with. However, I tend to make lots of potential crafters laugh when they ask me for my advice on whether cross stitching is an ...Read More