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The DIY dream: Workshop inspiration

Whether DIY forms part of your full-time job or it’s just a weekend passion of yours, every keen craftsman dreams of having the perfect workshop to match your interest – a special place to call your own. We’re not just talking a spare room ...Read More

Why is a serviced apartment better than a normal hotel?

The hospitality industry has seen a lot of disruption recently with the rise of powerful online booking and listing platforms, however, hotels have rallied to still maintain a presence within the market. However, this may change in the future. Many individuals are choosing to ...Read More

The advantages of promotional cotton bags

Eco shopping bags have fast become a popular choice for consumers, and it’s clear why. They are eco-friendly, they are reusable, and they are durable.  For retailers, investing in printed cotton bags is a no brainer, offering good return on investment and helping to keep ...Read More

The benefits of serviced apartments

Whether you are a regular traveller who is fed up of being in hotels or hostels or a first-time traveller looking for some added comfort, a serviced apartment could be the perfect choice for your trip. Previously, serviced apartments would tend to be an ...Read More

5 things about Crete you should know before visiting

Greece’s largest and most popular island of Crete is a destination you’d likely want to visit during summer so that you can get lost in all which it has to offer, unhindered and in absolute comfort. Consisting of four prefectures, the following five “must-knows” ...Read More

How to print effectively on jute bags

Jute is a versatile material that we have used in our products for as it is environmentally sustainable and makes great reusable bags. A challenge we have had to meet is finding a way to get a high-quality print on jute bags. Here is ...Read More

6 Things Nobody Told You About Jute Bags.

Jute is a material that has been used for decades as an environmentally friendly material for tote and other forms of reusable bags. Whilst they may seem slightly dull there are a number of interesting facts that many people have never been told. Keep ...Read More