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Restoring and re-purposing garden furniture

In the world of garden furniture, there are a lot of old pieces and a whole lot of new pieces that are damaged or worn out. I try to repair things whenever possible. Sometimes the original item is rusted away and is just a ...Read More

Homeschooling Basics

The most important thing to remember when homeschooling is that education is about educating the whole person. Whether you’re creating a homeschool curriculum, teaching, doing handwriting practice, or studying math, you’re teaching not just what to learn, but how to learn it. Kids’ learning ...Read More

What Does ‘Bandwidth Throttling’ Mean?

The term ‘bandwidth throttling’ refers to a purposeful slowing of the bandwidth which is available. In other words, throttling is an intentional reducing of the speed which is typically available over a particular internet connection. Bandwidth throttling may take place happen at various places ...Read More

Popular Entertainment Throughout Lockdown

The past year has certainly been a very difficult time for many of us with uncertainty around every corner, and although 2021 is seemingly off to a similar start, it is certainly looking like there is some light at the end of the tunnel ...Read More

Thinking of Laser Eye Therapy?

For about two decades, a technique called LASIK has transformed how millions of people perceive their world. People use eye drops to slightly irritate the front lens of their eyes, which allows the retina, which is near the centre of the retina, to flex. ...Read More

A Guide To Shipping Your Pet To A New Address

Pets can almost effortlessly bring immense joy to our lives. They make us laugh, welcome us home with licks and wags, comfort us when we’re down or sick and are always there for us no matter what. For the millions of people all over ...Read More

Find the Best Local Tree Service

Do you have some big beautiful trees in your front yard? Have you noticed the limbs starting to go over the neighbor’s fence? Or maybe the bark is starting to peel off and you’re not sure why. Perhaps it’s time to call in a ...Read More